Five men charged in sexual assault of mentally handicapped teen

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MILWAUKEE -- 18-year-old Kendel Bivens is facing felony charges after forcing a cognitively delayed 17-year-old girl to perform sexual acts on several men. According to the teen's foster mother she has the cognitive abilities of a seven to nine year old child. Three of those men are also being charged thanks to video evidence posted on Facebook linking them to the sexual acts.

The report states that Bivens picked up the girl from her home, and drove her to his house near N. 7th St. and Walnut St. Once at his home, he took her in the basement where a few of his friends were waiting.

Bivens allegedly told her to perform sexual acts on the men waiting for them in the basement. The criminal complaint says Bivens told the 17-year-old girl he was her "pimp". The complaint also says the girl went through with the acts out of fear, and did not want to perform them.

That wasn't the end of the young girl's troubles that night, because Bivens took her to an alley on Milwaukee's north side to perform more acts for random men. The criminal complaint says that Bivens and his friend Darius Shadwick recruited customers telling them they have a "flipper", a street term for a young woman ready to perform sexual acts.

One of the men being charged Terry Gilbert recorded video of the teen performing acts on Dmonte Williams, and posted that video on his Facebook page. The video was viewed by Milwaukee detectives along with posts talking about the video.

The criminal complaint did also mention that the young girl met Bevins through Facebook.

The victim's foster mother is a special education teacher for MPS, and told police that the girl has the mental capacity of a seven to nine year old child. She also said the victim has been coerced to perform sexual acts by men in the past.

Wardell Meredith is also being charged in an incident where Bivens brought the 17-year-old girl to his house. Meredith previously knew the victim, and that she is cognitively delayed. The criminal complaint says Meredith stopped the girl after a couple minutes, because he felt badly.

Kendel Bevins is charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault, child enticement, sexual exploitation of a child-employ, and faces up to 117 year in prison. Darius Shadwick is charged with second degree sexual assault, sexual exploitation of a child, and faces up to 62 years in prison.

Terry Gilbert is charged with second degree sexual assault, sexual exploitation of a child-filming, possession of child pornography, and faces up to105 years in prison.

Dmonte Williams faces 40 years in prison if convicted of second degree sexual assault. Wardell Meredith also faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted of  second degree sexual assault.

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