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Law enforcement regularly trains to handle mass shooting incidents

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MILWAUKEE -- Law enforcement officials and emergency medical personnel regularly train to stay prepared for incidents like the one that took place in Aurora, Colorado, when a mass shooting during the Dark Knight Rises midnight showing early Friday, July 20th killed 12 and injured over 50.

Milwaukee police officials receive active shooter training so they're prepared to respond to gunmen like James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter.

"An active shooter is basically a homicide in process, and generally speaking active shooters don't have an escape route and they're not planning on giving up," MPD Sgt. Melissa Cwiklinski said.

"Prior to Columbine, front-line officers would respond, contain the problem and wait for SWAT. Now, all front-line officers are trained in active shooter response. They're trained in addressing the problem and addressing the suspect immediately, and not waiting for SWAT response," Sgt. Cwiklinski said.

Milwaukee Fire Department Captain Michael Wright is with the Tactical EMS Team, a team trained to go into high-threat situations to provide instant paramedic support.

"Most firefighters aren't confronted with that type of danger. Going into a burning building is a totally different feeling than being shot at," Captain Wright said.

The Milwaukee Police Department provides training to local businesses through the Fusion Center. 

"We train private industries in how the police respond to an active shooter, what an active shooter is and what we expect from them during an active shooter incident," Sgt. Cwiklinski said.

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