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Man shot by police during armed robbery charged

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Rickey Lewis

MILWAUKEE — 22-year-old Rickey Lewis is being charged with attempted armed robbery after pointing allegedly attempting to rob Dominique Moore at his home on Milwaukee’s north side. Moore survived the incident thanks to fast response from Milwaukee police, who eventually shot and injured Lewis.

According to the criminal complaint, Moore says that Lewis came to his home looking for a woman named Patty who allegedly owes him $1,500. When Moore, his mother and a man named Earnest told him Patty was not home Lewis dropped a bullet after taking his hands out of his pocket.

The complaint continues to say that Moore was left on the porch with Lewis by himself while his mom and Earnest went to go get police. Lewis assured the three that the bullet was not meant for them.

While on the porch with Lewis Moore was allegedly asked for his belt. When Moore refused, Lewis told Moore to take everything out of his pocket. Moore says that’s when Lewis pulled a gun on him.

Milwaukee police officers arrived shortly after the gun was pulled. The criminal complaint alleges officers told Lewis to “drop the gun”, and eventually shot him several times.

Lewis is currently recovering from his gunshot wounds at Froedtert Hospital, and faces up to 20 years in prison.

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