Group launches SWIM Guide app for checking beach safety

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Riverkeeper has launched a new SWIM Guide, aimed at helping people find safe beaches for swimming.

The SWIM Guide is being released as a smartphone app and website that utilizes water quality monitoring data from government authorities to determine the quality of water at hundreds of beaches across the country.

Green marks indicate where the water quality is acceptable, and red marks show where it is unsafe.

The app and website enable users to get directions, view photos and report pollution immediately to Milwaukee Riverkeeper.

“We want people to know that after heavy rains and sewage overflow events, sometimes our water quality is compromised and not safe to swim in. Not only does the SWIM Guide inform someone of the health of the beach, it provides statistical data of how often specific beaches are closed so they can make educated decisions about where to swim with their families,” Milwaukee Riverkeeper Cheryl Nenn said.

The SWIM Guide is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android (2.1 or higher).

CLICK HERE to access the SWIM Guide.