Packers brainstorming ideas for Lambeau Field Atrium

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GREEN BAY -- Last year, the Green Bay Packers organization made $43 million. The team is looking to spend that money on even more enhancements for Lambeau Field. Revenue was already used for stadium improvements, including two new, high-definition video boards.

The Lambeau Field Atrium will likely look different in the future. Team President and CEO Mark Murphy said Tuesday, July 24th the team is considering adding a second tower in the area of the current ticket office, which would then be relocated.

"The atrium as we know it, it's been about 10 years, and so we're really looking at what can we do to better activate and make better use of the space in the atrium," Murphy said.

In the past, the Packers unveiled a rendering of the previous renovation plans for Lambeau Field that included two towers, but the Packers say this isn't exactly what the new concept would look like.

The current renovations are scheduled to last until the 2013 football season. It's unknown when construction on the new tower will get underway. The Packers have not yet released a cost or timeline for the project.

Murphy says other plans, including moving Curly's Pub from the second floor to the first floor -- making it more accessible. The Packers Hall of Fame would no longer be in the basement.

The team also wants to move the Packers Pro Shop to the west side of the atrium - across from its current location.

"To have space that that will be exclusive, all on one floor, not broken up," Murphy said.

Fans say they're on board with the Packers' plans.

"It's always going to be a positive. Packers need revenue, small market and everything, and I think it needs to happen," one Packers' fan said.

Tourism officials say the changes at Lambeau Field will attract more visitors and benefit the entire community.

"You may look at just the Atrium perhaps benefiting, but all those people are fueling their cars while they're here. A lot of times they stop and go shopping in some of our stores, they eat in our restaurants, those that are spending more than one day of course use our hotels," Brad Toll with the Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

While the Stadium District Board has been consulted on these projects in the past, one board member says he does not know many details at this point. It's still unclear whether the Packers will request any money from the Stadium Board.