Veterans at VA Medical Center surprised with plants, flowers

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MILWAUKEE -- Hundreds of veterans in Milwaukee got a surprise showing they are not forgotten, and it was a surprise few of them will forget. Plants and flowers were donated to veterans at Milwaukee's VA Medical Center.

It was all a part of "Make Someone Smile Week." The flowers were donated by wholesalers and growers.

Melissa Maas and her team created the arrangements in smiley-face mugs, and made the special delivery.

"I'm a florist.  I'm not a health provider or anything, but this is one thing I get to do to give back and get together with other florists and make someone smile and make them happy and thank them," Maas said.

The small gesture had a big impact on the hearts of the battle-hardened and time-tested veterans.

"Sometimes people forget that we're in here, and it's nice every once in a while to get something either from home or from somebody else just to lift up our spirits," veteran Eric Kennedy said.

"That made me feel wonderful that the people are so greatful for what they did in the service, and that's good that they appreciate it," veteran Norman Smith said.

The floral service company, Teleflora, is in its 12th year of organizing the "Make Someone Smile" week.