Wisconsin fugitives arrested in Hollywood, Florida

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(CNN) — Two Wisconsin inmates, on the lam for days, have been captured in Florida. The pair are accused of escaping from jail in Wisconsin and embarking on a crime spree.

Police in Hollywood, Florida, zeroed in on the suspects after they were spotted at a casino.

Wednesday, July 25th, one of the men, 29-year-old James Newman, was found hiding in this tree. Police say he tried to climb down and make a run for it. A police K-9 brought him down.

The other suspect, 18-year-old James Misleveck, was arrested nearby.

Police say the two inmates were violent.

“They were armed and dangerous in Wisconsin. They kidnapped a female at gunpoint with a shotgun, took her out of the car, held her for five hours, robbed her of $500, then released her to steal another vehicle to come to Florida.”

Officials in Hillsborough County, Florida, say the men are also accused of brutally beating a 71-year-old store clerk.

Before their jailbreak, the convicts reportedly were almost done with their sentences. Misleveck had just 30 days left, and Newman was set for release in six months.