Man takes bras from Merrill breast cancer awareness display

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MERRILL -- A Merrill man is facing charges for allegedly stealing bras from a breast cancer awareness display.

The display was strung across the Center Avenue Bridge.

Police say they received a report of someone vandalizing the display. The suspect says he pulled the bras down because he doesn't think the display is the way to bring awareness to breast cancer.

"This male subject had cut down a fairly significant number of bras, stuffed it into his car. There were some, in fact, hanging out of the car as the officers pulled up to make the traffic stop. I think that its disrespectful to those who've chosen to donate and to those who've survived," Amy Duley, whose mother survived breast cancer said.

Event organizers say a lift will be brought in to move the bras up and away from the street.

Merrill police say they're working with officials to make sure the display doesn't become a distraction.