Contact 6 steps in to get refurbished hot tub repaired

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HALES CORNERS -- FOX6's Contact 6 stepped in after Sauna Bob's in West Allis failed to fix an already refurbished product.

John Damico wanted a hot tub, so he bought one from Sauna Bob's. The store said the hot tub Damico purchased was a reconditioned tub with new parts. For a little over $3,700, Damico expected it to work, but it didn't.

"There was a huge crack in it, and water was just constantly dripping. We called and the young man came out and said 'Yeah, I put a whole tube of caulk in there. I can't understand why.'  A whole tube of caulk in a supposedly re-built tub?" Damico said.

The problem still wasn't fixed.

"They tried troubleshooting it over the phone and I said 'No, you guys need to come out here.'  They missed like two or three appointments," Damico said.

That's when Damico wrote to FOX6's Contact 6, who found Sauna Bob's has a D-minus rating with the Better Business Bureau and lawsuits, including a judgement for $86,000 the company hasn't paid!

Contact 6 forwarded Damico's complaint, and one month later, the hot tub was fixed.

"I think we weren't taken seriously until we called Channel 6, and then all of a sudden we're their top priority," Damico said.

No one at Sauna Bob's wanted to speak on camera, but over the phone, they told Contact 6 they "didn't have a full-time technician on staff when Damico was having his problems." They said they did not fix his hot tub just because Contact 6 got involved.

Regardless, Damico says he will be sure to check the BBB before he buys next time!

CLICK HERE to file a complaint with FOX6's Contact 6.