Fund for victims’ families, injured officer tops $45,000

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Sikhs gathered at shooting scene

Sikhs gathered at shooting scene

OAK CREEK — A fund has been established to benefit the victims of the Sikh Temple shooting, their families and injured Oak Creek police Lt. Brian Murphy.

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The fund was established Sunday, and as of Monday evening, had raised over $45,000.

An organizer told FOX6 News this fund is set up to be an easy way to do international fundraising. The organizer said several thousand dollars has come from Asia.

People can donate through the above website. Donors will be asked for their credit card information, and money will be held in an escrow account until August 30th, when organizers will list the names of the police officer and victims’ families, so donors know where the money is going. At that time, donors will have the right to withdraw their donations and their credit card will be reimbursed.

A second fund has been established by Amardeep Kaleka — the son of Satwant Kaleka — the Sikh Temple’s president and founder who was killed in Sunday’s shooting.

Satwant’s son, Amardeep Kaleka, said the temple was like a second home to him.

“He was the kind of person who, if he got a call that a bulb was out at 2 a.m., he’d go over to change it,” Amardeep said on the fund’s website.

The “We Are Sikhs” website is meant “to show support for the Sikh community in Wisconsin and across the globe as they stand in the wake of this horrific hate crime,” according to the fund’s website.

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The deceased include:

1. Sita Singh- 41-year-old male
2. Ranjit Singh- 49-year-old male
3. Satwant Singh Kaleka- 62-year-old male
4. Prakash Singh- 39-year-old male
5. Paramjit Kaur- 41-year-old female
6. Suveg Singh Khattra- 84-year-old male

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