Heightened security at Menasha Sikh Temple following Oak Creek shooting

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MENASHA -- There was extra security at the Sikh Temple in Menasha, where another vigil was held to honor Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting victims. Six were killed when 40-year-old Wade Michael Page opened fire inside the temple Sunday morning.

Two Menasha police officers patrolled the grounds outside the Sikh Temple in Menasha Tuesday night.

"It's kind of a dual job -- to provide that presence and little bit of a sense of security, both for church goers and the people attending the vigil, and then certainly also to keep an eye on what's happening out there and if we see anything suspicious, to address it," Menasha Police Officer Aaron Zemlock said.

Officials say the heightened security could continue. They say they are awaiting direction from the FBI as to whether additional security is needed.

"Big concern is security right now. This religion is welcoming everybody, every faith, every religion," Sikh Temple head priest Singh Balli said.

Temple officials say the safety of their followers is top priority. Since Sunday's shooting, temple officials have met with the Menasha Police Department to go over their options.   Authorities say they'll be there to help.

"The chief has spoken with the leaders of the church and talked to them, specifically about us doing a security survey for them, what they can do to improve security. Whether it's just physical security -- doors, locks, windows, lighting or whether it's a security system. We also talked to them about procedure -- what to do if something does happen, or if they do have a threat -- how to follow through with that," Officer Zemlock said.

Even though no finalized plans are in place, temple officials say Sunday services will continue as normal.

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