Vigil follows Oak Creek’s “National Night Out” Tuesday night

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OAK CREEK -- A vigil followed Oak Creek's "National Night Out" event Tuesday night, August 7th to honor the six who lost their lives in Sunday's shooting at the Sikh Temple.

Oak Creek’s previously scheduled “National Night Out” was held at the Oak Creek Community Center. Following the "National Night Out" events, there was a procession to Henry Miller Park for a vigil.

The deceased include:

1. Sita Singh- 41-year-old male
2. Ranjit Singh- 49-year-old male
3. Satwant Singh Kaleka- 62-year-old male
4. Prakash Singh- 39-year-old male
5. Paramjit Kaur- 41-year-old female
6. Suveg Singh Khattra- 84-year-old male

The "National Night Out" is an annual event that went on as planned Tuesday night in Oak Creek, though under the shadow of Sunday's Sikh Temple shooting.

"It's very, very important that all of us gather together and support each other," Oak Creek resident Loni Ashbaugh said.

The six who lost their lives when 40-year-old Wade Michael Page opened fire inside the Sikh Temple Sunday were on the minds of all who attended Tuesday night's event and vigil.

"The reality is, it can happen anywhere. We're just sad it happened here," Jordan Chadwick said.

Critically injured Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy -- still in critical condition at Froedtert Hospital was also on the minds of those who gathered Tuesday night.

"Our officers are receiving a lot of good vibes and wonderful messages, and there's an outpouring there," Kim Bogadi with the Oak Creek Police Department said.

Oak Creek resident Sahara Hamed says the shooting happened about two minutes from her home. As a Muslim, Hamed says like the Sikhs, her community is standing strong.

"With everybody saying it must have been mistaken identity, it makes it even worse. We're not gonna let it put us down. We're not gonna be hiding away. We're gonna come out as a community and stand together," Hamed said.

The annual fireworks display that usually ends the "National Night Out" event was replaced this year by the candlelight vigil to honor the victims.

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