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Reporters from U.K.-based Sikh Channel visit Oak Creek

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OAK CREEK -- As reporters across the national gathered this week at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek to try to make sense of the August 5th shooting, they were joined by intercontinental visitors. The "Sikh Channel" crew made the trip to Oak Creek from Europe to cover Sunday's shooting in which six people lost their lives, and three were critically injured.

The mass shooting at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek caught the attention of media outlets around the world.

On Sunday, as the shooting occurred, Davinder Singh Bal and his crew from the Sikh Channel decided to make the trip to Oak Creek from Europe.

"The Sikh community worldwide was in quite a state of shock after these events, which occurred in Oak Creek, and there is a lot upset among the Sikh population in Great Britain," Bal said.

The Sikh Channel broadcasts online and in 17 countries in Europe. Bal says the Sikh community in the U.K. took this shooting very personally as they see every temple as their own -- no matter the distance.

"The Sikh's in the U.K. and across the world felt that it was an attack on their own Sikh temple and community, and there was a lot of concern over the well being of the community," Bal said.

Bal said he's been overwhelmed by the support offered by Americans.

"People have come up to me -- people I don't know from the wider community, and have expressed their sorrow and sympathy. It's been great to see the very best of human nature prevail," Bal said.

Bal believes the silver lining to this tragic incident is that the public is being educated about the Sikh faith. It is that education that Bal says will save lives in the future.

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