Will Romney select Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan for VP?

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MADISON -- Mitt Romney is expected to announce his vice-presidential pick sometime within the next few weeks, and buzz is growing that it could be Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

A spate of national conservative publications are touting Janesville Representative Paul Ryan's chances to become a vice-presidential candidate.

FOX6 News first asked Ryan about his VP prospects more than a year ago -- before there was even a likely nominee.

"I'm not going to speculate on it because it's somebody else's decision, so what's the point of answering that question?" Ryan said.

Since then, he's been asked hundreds of times, and responds with a variation on that answer -- saying things like:

"Kinda like a bolt of lightning striking you. What's the point of thinking about that?"

"It's not a bridge I've even come close to crossing."

Ryan and Romney had obvious chemistry when they campaigned together before the Wisconsin presidential primary.

UW-Milwaukee Professor of Governmental Affairs Mordecai Lee says it could come down to chemistry.

"Paul Ryan passes so many checklist points that he's got to be within two people being considered," Lee said.

"The big criticism is they are simply the anti-Obama party with no clear message.  I think it has been demonstrated exactly what Ryan has planned," political consultant Chris Haworth said.

Ryan was not available for an interview Thursday, August 9th.

Ryan has the backing of one of the Republican Party's most influential figures -- Gov. Scott Walker. It also doesn't hurt that RNC Chairman and Kenosha native Reince Priebus is also a big Ryan fan.

The Republican National Convention is at the end of August and the vice-presidential decision is usually made sometime between now and then.

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