Oak Creek church reaching out to shooting victims’ families

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OAK CREEK -- One week after the Sikh Temple shooting, the community continues to wrap its arms around the families of the victims and Sikh community members.

Oak Creek's Harvest Community Church has been collecting donations for the temple all week.  Basic items like soaps, tissue and snacks will go into baskets that will be given to the victims and their families.

"We are a caring community. Oak Creek and surrounding areas are caring. We have to go past our own religion and go beyond," Tracy Lease said.

The service at Harvest Community Church on Sunday, August 12th was filled with song and worship as the memory of what happened just one week ago was fresh in the minds of members of the congregation.

"I had just left and I was on my way home and couldn't go the way I go," Lease recalls. Lease said she had a bad feeling and pulled over her car. "I prayed, not knowing what had happened," Lease said.

Harvest Community Church is less than a mile away from the Sikh Temple.  The scene unfolded in front of the some in the congregation's eyes.

"We have hope that God's in control, but it's a little unnerving when it's right down the road," Associate Pastor Jim Jodrey said.

Pastor Jodrey said the first thing the church did following the shooting was call the congregation to a prayer vigil. On Sunday, Pastor Jodrey encouraged the congregation to sign banners at the back of the church thanking first responders.

"I just want people to open up their hearts if they are able, and open up their pocket books if they can. Whatever way we can help, we want to be available to them," Jodrey said.

The banners will be given to first responders later in the week.  The basket distribution will be ongoing.  People can still donate at the Harvest Community Church.

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