Day two on the campaign trail for number two on the Romney ticket

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HIGH POINT, VIRGINIA -- Mitt Romney on Saturday, August 11th announced Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, aboard the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia. Following the announcement, Romney and Ryan jumped aboard a bus, kicking off a four-day bus tour. FOX6's Mike Lowe has been following the candidates since Saturday morning's announcement.

Sunday was day number two on the campaign trail for number two on the Romney ticket Sunday. Romney and Ryan stopped in Mooresville, North Carolina at the NASCAR Technical Institute, and at Absolute Style in High Point, North Carolina Sunday.

Through a bus tour of battleground states, the Romney campaign is touting the Romney plan to strengthen the middle class -- that has now become the Ryan plan.

Through seven terms as a Congressman from Janesville Ryan has earned a reputation as an uncompromising conservative thinker. Romney wants to define him as someone willing to work with Democrats to achieve solutions to common problems.

"The reason I selected this guy to be my running mate is I knew I wanted a person who is a leader. Rather than attack people, he'd rather light a candle and bring more light to the solution," Romney said.

Ryan authored the House budget proposal that offers conservative policy prescriptions including overhauling Medicare, and reducing the deficit and national debt through deep spending cuts.

Democrats accuse Ryan of attempting to dismantle the social safety net. Ryan says he has advanced his vision to advance the country.

Ryan on the campaign trail thus far is nuanced and almost philosophical.

"America is extremely unique, because it's not just a place. It's not just North Carolina or Wisconsin, or Massachusetts, or Maine or California. America is an idea and the idea of America was very clear.  Our rights come from God and Nature not the government," Ryan said.

Ryan says the election isn't simply a referendum on the president. He says it's a battle of philosophies.

"We have a clear choice of two futures -- are we going to accept the status quo? Accept the path President Obama has put us on with government taking over health care, government taking over all these different aspects of our economy, Washington picking winners and losers of our economy -- putting us on a path of debt, putting us on a path of doubt and decline, or are we going to get America back on track, turn this economy around, get America back to work and leave our children a better future?" Ryan said Sunday.

Romney and Ryan are headed to Iowa Monday, August 13th where they plan to campaign at the Iowa State Fair.

FOX6's Mike Lowe is on the road with the Romney/Ryan campaign. Stay tuned to FOX6 News and for the latest updates.

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