Excerpts: Paul Ryan’s remarks at Waukesha rally Sunday evening

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WAUKESHA — An emotional Paul Ryan was welcomed by thousands back to his home state Sunday, August 12th — just over 24 hours after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate selection aboard the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ryan addressed the crowd Sunday night. Below are excepts from Ryan’s speech.

  • “I am fourth generation from this state. This is such a wonderful place to live, work and raise your family. We live on the block I grew up on, and 10 other Ryan families live within eight blocks of our home. My veins run with cheese, bratwurst and a little Spotted Cow, Leines and Miller. I was raised on the Packers, Badgers, Bucks and Brewers. I like to hunt here, fish here, snowmobile here, and I even think ice fishing is interesting.”
  •  “I am a Wisconsinite through and through, and I can’t tell you what it means to be home.”
  • “I would like to say great thanks to my friend, Scott Walker and my friend Reince Priebus and Ron Johnson. We are just guys from Tosa, Kenosha, Oshkosh and Janesville and what we learned in this state just a little while ago is that we want to elect men and women who run for office and tell us who they really are, what they really believe, what they’re going to do, and then when they get elected, they do that. That’s what we do here in Wisconsin.”
  • “We’ve seen a few elections in Wisconsin lately. Our leaders fixed the problems in Madison and we as voters said ‘keep doing this.’ On June 5th,courage was on the ballot in Wisconsin…and courage won. We in Wisconsin saved Wisconsin on that day, and on November 6th, we will help save America.”
  • “We have a very critical decision to make in this country. We are at a proverbial fork in the road in America. The President came into office with so much hope offering so much change. He got the power he wanted with his party in control, and he passed almost every item in his agenda. It is law now, and now we are seeing the results — a country with a health care system about to be taken over. A country with the worst economy in 70 years. The biggest deficit since World War II. We’re not gonna take that. We’re gonna turn this thing around.”
  • “I look at my kids and I want them to have the kind of future that I had. In this country, every person fixes their problems, makes them better and leaves their kids better off. It is our duty to fix this nation for the future generation.”
  • “We have a big choice to make. If we look at the path we are on and all the things the President has been doing with more government regulations, the promise of more taxes on small businesses — the President took what we have pioneered here in Wisconsin — Tommy Thompson with welfare reform. If this President is gonna do these kinds of things in a difficult, tough election year, imagine what he would do if he never had to face the voters again. We are not going to find out!”
  • “Here is our choice — we can stick with the politics of the past — with dividing, distorting, distracting. We can put ourselves on a path toward a welfare state with a debt crisis — the government role not promoting equal opportunity and protecting our rights but putting government in charge — running society, driving the economy and picking winners/losers — equalizing outcomes.”
  • “This is the only country founded on an idea — that idea in a nutshell is in the Declaration of Independence. Our rights come from nature and God — not from government.”
  • “In 2013, we will look back on this day as the day our generation fixed it so the American ideal was turned back, and our children had a brighter future.”
  • “We need a many of integrity — a bedrock of principles with the experience and expertise to put a vision for the country into place. Those are things that describe Mitt Romney.”
  •  “We owe you the choice to decide what kind of country/people do you want to be? We want to earn your support. We want to win this election because you said ‘go fix the mess in Washington’ so when we win, we can go fix the mess in Washington.”
  • “This is an exceptional nation. There is no other system that has done more to help the poor and help people rise up and make something of their lives than the American system of free enterprise. Mitt Romney is a leader that understands that and knows how to deliver that.”