Senate candidates meet with voters during Romney/Ryan rally

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WAUKESHA -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan appeared at a rally in Waukesha Sunday evening -- one day after Romney announced Ryan as his running mate. While the focus of the rally was on the top of the ticket, the four people below Romney and Ryan on the ballot (those running for Wisconsin's open U.S. Senate seat) found the event as a benefit to each of their campaigns.

Former governor Tommy Thompson, political newcomer and businessman Eric Hovde, Congressman Mark Neumann and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald are each hoping for a victory in Tuesday's U.S. Senate GOP primary -- and a chance to take on Democrat Tammy Baldwin.

Each tried to use the rally Sunday evening to garner more votes, as thousands gathered to welcome Romney to the Badger State and celebrate Ryan's selection as running mate.

"It's energizing. So many of the things Paul has talked about is the main message of my campaign. Getting ourselves turned around, reducing our debt, getting our economy moving," Hovde said.

"I want to be here and see as many people as I could. That`s what you do in a campaign. This type of thing -- we find as many people as we can, say hello to them, look them in their eye and ask them for their vote," Neumann said.

For Thompson, Sunday's rally gave him the chance to tout his credentials to Republican voters and explain why his connection to the top of the ticket is important.

"I`m the only one that has the ability to bring independents and Reagan Democrats back home. That`s what this election is all about. Who can win? I can win and I can help Paul and Mitt carry out the agenda that`s going to redirect America for the future," Thompson said.

After spending the morning at Wisconsin State Fair as the 2012 run of the fair wrapped up, Fitzgerald made his way to the rally -- using the event to show voters his similarities to Ryan.

"We made the tough choices here in Wisconsin and got it back on the right track. We`ve got to do the same on the national level and I think Governor Romney picking Paul Ryan -- he`s got that same message that we`re going to make those tough choices but we`re going to get America back on the right track," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said he had to walk two miles to get to the rally. Each of the candidates had to juggle their schedules to be sure they were able to attend the rally.

The polls open Tuesday, August 14th for the U.S. Senate primary election.

Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin appeared at an event in Milwaukee with other Democrats Sunday.

"I come here to remind us all that our fight for Wisconsin's middle class is not a political fight, and it's not a partisan fight. It's a moral fight grounded in our Wisconsin values," Baldwin said.

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