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Hundreds turn out for Paul Ryan rally in Denver

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DENVER -- Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee for vice president spoke in Denver Tuesday, August 14th. It was Ryan's fourth day campaigning as part of the Romney campaign.

Ryan took his message to the mountains Tuesday -- a beautiful backdrop for what is becoming an increasingly ugly campaign.

Monday in Iowa, while speaking to a crowd at the Iowa State Fair, Ryan was heckled. Tuesday, he spoke to a more friendly crowd, but launched some sharp-elbowed attacks on President Obama.

"President Obama can't run on his record. President Obama has done all he can to make it harder to use our own energy. President Obama downgraded our credit. We have seen a failure of leadership. We have gone from hope and change to attack and blame. He promised to cut the deficit in half in four years -- I rest my case on that one. He promised to change the tone and culture in Washington. All he has left is to distort demagogue, confuse and detract you from the real issues in this election," Ryan said.

"What we need is leadership. Here is our commitment to you.  We are not going to duck the tough issues -- we're going to lead.  We're going to take responsibility," Ryan said.

There was no question Ryan was selected as Romney's running mate because of his position as the nation's leading proponent on fiscal conservatism. At a rally in a suburban Denver high school gym, he distilled that position into one line.

"We have to stop spending money we just don't have," Ryan said.

Ryan's plan would slash government spending on many social welfare programs and would overhaul Medicare.

Ryan was sharply critical of Obama's handling of both fiscal and economic issues.

"We have seen a failure of leadership. President Obama can't run on his record. Four years ago, a difficult situation -- he made it worse," Ryan said.

With the economy in free-fall in 2008, Obama championed the stimulus package -- nearly a trillion dollars of spending initiatives that kept the bottom from falling out, but also increased the deficit and added to the debt.

In broad strokes, Ryan is advancing a different vision for improving the economy. -- a budget plan he argues will reduce the burden on the future.

"The Romney/Ryan plan for a stronger middle class will create 12 million jobs. We are mortgaging our future. We have to leave our children a debt-free nation," Ryan said.

Ryan is also working the fundraising circuit while on the campaign trail. He attended a private dinner fundraiser in Denver Monday night and Tuesday afternoon he flew to Las Vegas for another fundraising event.

Wednesday, it's another homecoming of sorts for Ryan, as he visits his Alma Mater, Miami University for a rally.

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