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Being single just got easier thanks to SceneTap

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MILWAUKEE -- You can now find out the girl-guy ratio at a bar, before you walk in, right on your phone! That day has arrived in Milwaukee with a new cell phone application that does that, and a whole lot more.

"To be able to know who's coming how many people are coming just on your phone it's incredible," said Jared Siemers, the general manager for Oak in Milwaukee Third Ward. And like every promoter, he wanted to bring the crowd to his venue.

"I'm always telling people it's 60 percent women here nobody ever believes me and then they go on SceneTap and they're like woah, he wasn't lying," said Siemers.

So he signed up his place for the latest cell phone widget, "SceneTap," a free app that gives you real time information about a bar's status. It gives male to female ratio, shows the average age of everyone inside, and it also gives the atmosphere.

"Seeing the age range I think I like the age range the best because you can decide whether or not the bar would be your kind of scene that you want to go into," said Tara Vanwhy, who just downloaded the app.

Here's how it works. There are two cameras inside a bar. One is placed directly above the entrance counting people, and the other is located directly across from the entrance detecting a person's sex. However, it cannot reveal the identity of anyone inside.

"There's someone out there watching us, tallying that's the interesting part," said Kyle Stephens, who was a bit skeptical of the new app. But Stephen and his friends agreed, it was an app worth trying.

"Especially picking a happy hour bar you don't want to see a bunch of students out if you just want to have a drink with your co workers," added Stephen.

Milwaukee is the eight city chosen for this new cell phone widget. Keep in mind, the software used with the camera isn't 100% accurate. But the promoters of the app say it determines a person's sex with computer algorithms, focusing on a person's facial features.

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