Woman found dead at Kenosha County cemetery

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KENOSHA -- While on a regular patrol route, a Kenosha County sheriff's deputy officer finds a woman's body in the B'Nai Zedek Cemetery in the town of Somers. The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department is currently investigating this as a suspicious death.

Amanda Demoss lives just behind the B'Nai Zedek Cemetery, a cemetery that caters to the Jewish faith, on the 1700 block of Sheridan Road.

"My kids go into that cemetery to clean it up, to make sure it looks nice. They pick up the garbage," Demoss said.

The cemetery is expected to be closed until Monday while the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department investigates what could be a crime scene and an autopsy on the body is complete.

"It doesn't appear to be of natural causes. It doesn't appear that it's a suicide at this point, although we haven't completely ruled that out," Sgt. Bill Beth said.  "It is suspicious."

Neighbors also tell Fox 6 that they noticed a group of suspicious people in the area Saturday night. Beth says that his department would like to speak to these individuals as nothing is being ruled out at this point of the investigation.

Sheriff's deputies are continuing to work on identifying the woman who they describe as a young adult.