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Support continues to pour in for Sikh temple shooting victims

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MILWAUKEE -- It's been two weeks since the Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting, and support continues to pour in for victim's in the form of letters and community vigils.

Flags are still at half-staff outside the Oak Creek Police Department. The pain of the Sikh temple shooting is still fresh, but letters of support help heal the wounds. Capt. Steve Anderson said, "Just to be able to read 'thank you' 'god bless', all of the nice words people have put out there for our officers. It helps them."

Support is still making its way to the Sikh temple in Oak Creek where huge banners are covered with words of loved and faith. Temple treasurer Balhair Dulai said, "The way everybody is coming together now, such a big support that we're getting at this time."

A forum will be held at the Faith-Builders International Ministries in Milwaukee. It's a chance to open dialogue, and show the Sikh community other faiths care. Faith Builders Rep. Jenniel Manswell says, "Just show the world the City of Milwaukee is capable of rallying around those that are hurting, and can really truly honestly see change occur as a result of something so tragic."

Members of the Sikh community, the mayor and a pastor are expected to speak at the upcoming event.

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