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VP Candidate Paul Ryan stays fit with P90X

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MILWAUKEE -- The American people have long associated politicians with their favorite athletic pastimes. Gerald Ford played football, President Obama played basketball, George W. Bush like to ride his mountain bike, Bill Clinton jogged.

It's safe to say none were as committed to fitness as Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan. He's been called one of the most athletic Vice Presidential candidates in U.S. History, and seeing Paul Ryan run up the steps on Capitol Hill reminds people of a famous athlete who ran up and down a hill of his own.

Ryan says he does the P-90X workout everyday. Both his father and grandfather died of heart attacks, and that's why Ryan says fitness matters. "I am into health. I have heart disease in my family as you know. I think it's important to eat right, to stay healthy, get sleep when you can and that's why I'm into fitness."

It's a workout program with 12 DVD's, and it's not for wimps. The Tony Horton designed program uses everything from weights to yoga, karate and cardio. The variety creates something called muscle confusion, and Tom Livingston says it works. Livingston says, "Guys my age. We call it loose in the cage. So I wanted to trim that up a little bit, and that really helped out."

Ryan has not been transparent on the issue of his abs. Whether they got ripped in 90 days like the program promises, but politics aside Tom Livingston is impressed he and the candidate share the same workout.

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