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Wisconsin delegates prepare for memorable GOP convention

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MILWAUKEE -- In one week Republican's will begin the four day National Convention in Tampa, FL. There will be some big names from Wisconsin playing big roles this year including Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

The 2012 Republican National Convention gets underway soon, and Wisconsin's delegation is getting ready. Kathy Kiernan is one of Wisconsin's 42 delegates. She says, "I had the position long before I knew where things are today, and there was always this little corner in my head where I was thinking 'Oh let it be Paul Ryan'."

Executive Director of the Waukesha Republican Party Cathy Waller will be an alternate at the national convention in Florida. The delegates had to be elected after giving a speech to fellow Republicans at meetings months ago. Waller says, "We have meetings Monday through Thursday night. We will be in the convention hall representing your congressional district."

A delegate's actual influence on the process on the party platform is limited, but there is one very real responsibility. They actually cast votes that lead to the official Presidential nominations, and this year is special for Wisconsin delegates. Waller says, "First it was Mitt Romney, then it was because of Scott Walker then we knew he would have a key speaking role in this, but to have Paul Ryan added to this, and that Reince Priebus is the national chairman. It's huge we know Wisconsin has such an importance to the whole picture.

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