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Public Policy Poll suggests Ryan VP pick boosted Romney in WI

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MILWAUKEE -- The results of a new Public Policy Poll show Republican Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama 48% to 47%. It's a seven point shift form the last Wisconsin poll back in early July that found Obama ahead 50% to Romney's 44%.

Those surveyed in Wisconsin also indicate the percentage in favor of Paul Ryan has
increased -- now at 49%. The state appears to approve Mitt Romney’s choice for his Vice
President running mate. When asked, 51% of those polled stated that if they were allowed to vote directly for Vice President, they would chose Paul Ryan.

40% of those polled in Wisconsin support Paul Ryan’s proposal for reforming Medicare.
In addition, when polled in July, 44% of Wisconsin disagreed with the Supreme Court’s
ruling on the health care reform bill.

The poll indicates Romney's choice of Ryan as his running mate gained him more GOP support. The poll says Romney has gone up from a 78-point lead with Republicans in July to an 88-point lead this month.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker continues to advocate for the Romney/Ryan ticket -- saying they are the only candidates with a plan to help the middle class by giving more power to small businesses.

"The facts are clear -- our country is not recovering as fast as it could be. Lowering the tax burden, streamlining the regulatory process, investing in North American energy supplies doing more to impact workforce in terms of preparing people with the skills they need for the jobs," Gov. Walker said.

The Democratic governor of Romney's home state of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, was in Wisconsin Tuesday, praising Obama's record.

"For me it's about a choice of vision. This is a president who has saved the auto industry from extinction, the financial industry from self destruction, the American economy from full blown depression," Gov. Patrick said.

As the man holding Romney's old job, Gov. Patrick attacked his predecessor Tuesday.

"He really does believe that we should have a government that favors the most fortunate," Gov. Patrick said.

PPP surveyed 1,308 likely Wisconsin voters from August 16th to 19th. The margin of
error for the survey is +/-2.7%.

A PPP survey on the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin may be released on Wednesday, August 22nd.

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