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Another court hearing for accused Colorado shooter James Holmes

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James Holmes

CENTENNIAL, Colorado (CNN) — A shackled James Holmes, his hair still dyed red, attended a hearing Thursday, August 23rd at which prosecutors and defense attorneys wrangled over documents in the case against him in the July mass shooting at a movie theater.

Victims and family members sat on one side of the courtroom during the hearing on motions. One woman was visibly shaking while another teary-eyed woman was comforted by a companion.

The main issue was whether the prosecution should receive non-medical documents from the university. These would include admissions forms, grades and transcripts.

Prosecutors said Thursday that Homes made unspecified threats in June and that the threats were reported to University of Colorado campus police.

Dark roots were visible in Holmes’ hair; he now has a mustache and large muttonchop sideburns. While he appeared more lucid than his first appearance, Holmes still had a wide-eyed look.

The 24-year-old former graduate student is accused of opening fire July 20 during a midnight premiere of the latest Batman movie, leaving 12 dead and injuring 58 others.

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Holmes has been charged with murder and attempted murder, and faces two weapons charges.