Voters encouraged to confirm their polling place in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE — The City of Milwaukee Election Commission is encouraging voters to confirm their polling places prior to Election Day. That’s because the redistricting process resulted in several polling place changes.

Recent changes to polling places involve the following City of Milwaukee wards: 

  • Voters in Wards 52 and 53, formerly voting at the Villard Square Building, will be voting at the former Villard Avenue Library building, 3310 W. Villard Ave.
  • Voters in Ward 54, formerly voting at Rufus King Middle School (formerly Ronald McNair School), will be voting at Villard Avenue Library Building, 3310 W. Villard Ave.
  • Voters in Ward 257, formerly voting at Pulaski Indoor Swimming Pool, will be voting at Lincoln Avenue School, 1817 W. Lincoln Ave.
  • Voters in Wards 153 and 154, formerly voting at Milwaukee College Prep (formerly 38th Street School) will be voting at Washington High School, 2525 N. Sherman Blvd.
  • Voters in Ward 152, formerly voting at Milwaukee College Prep (formerly 38th Street School) will be voting at Ralph Metcalfe School at 3400 W. North Ave.
  • Voters in Ward 94 and 164, that were temporarily voting at Enderis Park will be returning to the Center Street Fieldhouse, 6420 W. Clark.
  • Voters in wards 207 and 208, formerly voting at Juneau Complex School, will be temporarily moving (for this election only) to Fairview Evangelical Lutheran Church, 137 N. 66th Street.

Registered voters in each of these wards received postcard notifications of these changes from the Election Commission.

To confirm your polling place, visit or call 414-286-VOTE (8683)

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