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Kelly Shaw a “no show” for Wednesday court appearance

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WAUKESHA -- A man who kept Waukesha police at bay for four hours was a "no show" in court on Wednesday, December 12th. But he may have a good reason.

The courtroom on Wednesday was filled with attorneys and the court commissioner. But when Kelly Shaw's case came up, he wasn't there. It was the understanding of the court, he had been hospitalized.

Shaw was out on bail. In court Wednesday, the person who posted the bail, through his attorney, asked the court to refund the $2,000 because he no longer supports Shaw.

"He wasn't aware of the details at all at the time that he posted that bail. We're asking that that be refunded to the poster. If Mr. Shaw has the ability to post the bail, he can do so. It's a very serious case. My client believes Shaw poses a serious risk to the community and he's not prepared to support him financially," Anthony Cotton, lawyer for the bail poster said.

58-year-old Shaw faces two domestic abuse misdemeanor charges of "pointing a firearm at another" and disorderly conduct, use of a dangerous weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, it all came to a head December 5th in Waukesha. Police were sent to do a well-being check at Shaw's residence. They were advised that "Shaw had put a gun to his wife's head, and stated that if police were called, he would kill his wife and shoot the police."

Police negotiated with Shaw for four hours before he came out of his East View Court home. The criminal complaint says he told officers, "I wish I knew you were outside, I would be dead and hopefully two or three cops would be dead."

Police found several guns inside Shaw's home.

His wife, who was with a relative in Pewaukee, stated that "he threatened her with a gun after an argument over a pillow cover he demanded that she make." She also stated Shaw's anger issues have escalated and she was afraid he would harm himself and make good on his threats to others.

The court commission allowed the person who posted bail to get that money back. She also issued a warrant for Shaw for failure to appear in court.