Sheriff’s deputy sent home to change after wearing Packers jersey to work

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MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputy was asked to go home and change on Wednesday, December 12th, when he showed up to work wearing his Packers’ A.J. Hawk jersey. 

Roy Felber has been on light duty since a July crash while he was on freeway patrol, so he hasn’t been wearing his uniform to work. He says he didn’t think it would be a problem to participate in Aaron Rodgers’ Day, and wear his Packers jersey to work.

However, he was informed by Sheriff David Clarke’s top aide that he needed to go home and change.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele had urged county employees to participate in the Rodgers Day celebration and contribute to the MACC Fund. Felber said he didn’t see an email warning deputies not to wear Packers gear because Sheriff Clarke had revoked his email privileges.

Felber said he complied because he didn’t want to get written up for insubordination by Clarke.

Later on Wednesday, Felber was informed that he was being moved from first shift to third shift — after he had talked about his Packers jersey incident. 

“It’s perplexing the sheriff would punish anyone for celebrating the Packers and donating money for a good cause,” Abele’s spokesman, Brendan Conway said.