FOX6 News talks with an expert about school security

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MILWAUKEE -- Could a shooting like the one in Newtown, Connecticut happen in Milwaukee or any other city? One expert says "yes." However, that expert also says much is already being done to make schools safe.

Peter Pochowski, the Executive Director of the Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association, says precautions are being taken throughout Wisconsin right down to the basics -- like locking the doors.

"It didn't stop this kid in Connecticut. But we don't know how far he'd have gone if he didn't have to take time to break out the windows," said Pochowski.

Pochowski also says after that, it really comes down to being prepared and being vigilant.

"What I tell principals is they have to create an environment in their schools where students feel comfortable approaching adults about incidents that are pending, things they hear," said Pochowski. "Typically a person who is involved in school shootings have told someone they're going to do this. In 59% of cases, they've told two people. Now, if we can get those people to come forward, we can prevent a lot of this from happening."

Thanks to a recently passed state law that takes full effect in 2013, Wisconsin schools must be prepared if warning signs are missed.

"Every school must have a crisis plan and that includes private and parochial schools," said Pochowski.

School shooting statistics show that leading up to the Columbine shooting in 1999, there were about 31 school homicides each year. In the five years after, the average dropped to 15.  The experts FOX6 News spoke with on Monday say that's because people began taking the issue more seriously.

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