Sandy Hook tragedy sparks debate over gun control

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OAK CREEK -- The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School is sparking a new, invigorated debate over gun control.

In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling on President Obama and Congress for action. Standing beside Bloomberg and his message are members of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.

Amardeep Kaleka of Oak Creek spoke with FOX6 News prior to the news conference on Monday, December 17th which was the launching platform for a new website called

"It's not a black or white subject, it's not a subject people should be afraid  of having guns taken away it's more figuring out the rules to have a safe society," said Kaleka via phone. wants to close the loopholes that currently allow private gunbuyers to not go through background checks. They also want assault weapons and high-capacity magazines banned. They also want to make gun trafficking a felony when guns are given to criminals or the mentally ill.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says lawmakers can take action while not infringing on people's right to bear arms.

"We've seen it in Wisconsin, with the shooting in Brookfield, with the shooting in Oak Creek, where politicians say how terrible they feel and then they don't do anything," said Barrett.

Gun control advocates say they won't give up. Several Oak Creek temple shooting family members are part of a video on the website,

The Sikh Temple members plan to visit Newtown to meet with family members of the shooting victims as a way to offer their support.

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