Waukesha Co. deals with snow, rain, sleet and more snow

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WAUKESHA -- People living in Waukesha County have seen it all on Thursday, December 20th. The day started out with light snow. It changed to rain, then sleet and back to snow again.

Plow drivers in Pewaukee cleared several inches of snow to start their day. That snow, turned to slush.

Nick Kuspa woke up at 4:30 a.m. to start plowing. But he wasn't making much progress by mid-morning.

"It's just never-ending,  you're pushing the slush around, it just seems like you are never going to end," said Kuspa.

In the city of Waukesha, Felicia Froschmeyer was left to clean up the snow by hand. And to make matters worse, her teenage son is not available to pitch in.

"His back hurt and he's cold,  typical 18-year-old.  His real motivation was to get back inside and play video games," said Froschmeyer.

Trying to move the heavy wet snow was not Froschmeyer's only challenge. While clearing her own driveway, she had to be on the lookout for flying slush as other vehicles drove by.