West Bend is hit with a slippery, slushy, sloppy mess

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WEST BEND -- The City of West Bend was hit on Thursday, December 20th with a slippery, slushy, sloppy mess. It was tough to drive in -- but even tougher to shovel.

Travis Lang has been battling the slush since Wednesday night. The public works plow driver is salting and plowing roads throughout West Bend.

"It's pretty wet snow, underneath, it's pretty slippery," said Lang. "It's making turning the corners pretty difficult."

The plow drivers in West Bend are clearing more than 160 miles of roadway.

"We've got to get this slop off the road now in anticipation of the cold weather coming up this evening," said Rick Heisler, Public Works Director.

If the slop is not removed from the roads, it could all turn to ice and make driving even more treacherous.