Contact 6 warns against holiday package email scam

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MILWAUKEE -- It is the holiday package with a nasty surprise: an email tries to trick people into thinking they have a package waiting at the post office, but Contact 6's Katrina Cravy says this is a scam.

The emails look like they are from FedEx, and state that a delivery person was unable to deliver a package, and the package is waiting for pickup at the post office. 

The email then directs the recipient to click a link to get what's called a "postal receipt."

FOX6's Contact 6 warns against clicking this link. It will either download a virus to the computer, or will ask the recipient to provide personal information, like a credit card number of social security number. 

Contact 6 reminds people to never give out that kind of personal information to anyone for any reason.

Contact 6 advises recipients to delete the email, or forward it to, and the company's consumer protection center will investigate.

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