Wave extend winning streak with victory over Blast

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Milwaukee Wave

MILWAUKEE — Dating back to the 1992-93 season, the Blast vs. Wave rivalry is the fiercest and longest-standing rivalry in indoor soccer. The Wave is now 47-31 all-time against the Blast in the regular season after a 6-5 win over Baltimore. The Wave looked to continue their winning streak, while Baltimore wanted to rebound after suffering their first loss of the season last night to Chicago.

The two teams were evenly matched throughout the first quarter when Luan Oliveira put one in the net to give the Wave a 2-0 advantage. The score remained at 2-0 for most of the second quarter until Oliveira scored his second goal of the game. Near the end of the half Aduato Neto put Baltimore on the board cutting the Wave’s lead to 4-2 heading into half.

In the third quarter Mike Lookingland gave the Blast a 5-4 lead with his 3-point goal. Both teams showed more aggression on the field as blue cards were issued to Baltimore’s Lookingland and Milwaukee’s Ian Bennett. Soon after, Stephen DeRoux of Baltimore also received a blue card giving the Wave a man up advantage. The Wave capitalized on the powerplay with a goal by Hewerton making it 6-5 to start the 4th quarter.

In the fourth quarter stellar team defense and goalkeeping by Marcel Feenstra preserved the Wave’s lead, giving the Wave a 6-5 victory for their fourth straight win, and sending Baltimore to their second straight loss.

The Wave plays on the road December 26th and 27th against Syracuse and Rochester and then return home on December 31st against Wichita at 2 p.m.