Couple offering reward after pit bull puppy stolen while on walk

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee family's Christmas Eve was turned upside down by a dog napper. They were walking their four-month-old puppy in their own neighborhood, when someone attacked them and stole the puppy. Now, they're looking for help reuniting their family.

The gifts were wrapped for the first family Christmas for a four-month-old pit bull terrier named MacGyver. 

However, on Christmas Eve, everything was put on hold for Sarah and Cory Malchow. Around 4:20 p.m., as Sarah was walking MacGyver near the intersection of Hadley and Buffum in Milwaukee, she was attacked.

"A person who had been following us came up behind me and grabbed me from behind, kind of held me up in the air, and then threw me down on the ground. Somebody else came up the street and grabbed the dog and unclipped him from his leash," Sarah Malchow said.

The individual ran off to a waiting car, and sped off with MacGyver. 

"She did everything she needed to do, and came right back, and we called the police right away," Cory Malchow said.

Then, they took to the internet -- posting an ad on Craigslist and sending out a message on Facebook to friends and family. Now, it's a matter of hoping for help as they offer a reward for the return of MacGyver.

"We'd give everything to chase after him, get our shoes out of his mouth and take him outside, even though it's cold out. We're hoping that like MacGyver, he might escape. MacGyver was kidnapped on his TV show, so hopefully he'll escape and find his way back home," Sarah Malchow said.

MacGyver was supposed to graduate from puppy obedience class on Wednesday. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Milwaukee police. 

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