Elmbrook youth group fondly remembers Jennifer Sebena

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BROOKFIELD -- Thousands showed up to mourn the loss of Jennifer Sebena.  The service was especially difficult for a group of young people she mentored.

"She was just so wonderful to be around," youth group member Megan Overstreet said.

Jennifer Sebena was shot and killed while on duty as a Wauwatosa police officer on Christmas Eve.  Her husband, Ben Sebena was arrested and charged for her death.

People at Saturday's visitation were remembering Sebena for her life.   She served as a youth group leader to young women at the Elmbrook Church.  That group stood hugging and crying together at Saturday's service.

"We have really just been there for each other, crying together, remembering together, laughing again," Overstreet said.

For them, Sebena was not only a spiritual leader, she was a close friend.

"She deeply loved her students that she was mentoring," Church small group leader Bob Anderson said. "(She) poured her life into them, genuinely, sincerely cared for them."

Their memories paint a picture of a woman with a vibrant smile and a contagious laugh.

"She just cared really deeply about everyone she interacted with, youth group member Kayla Franer said. "She had a way of just touching everyone."

They are relying on her wisdom in life to begin to heal.

"Her life has set an example of how to love each other," Overstreet said.  "Even the people we don't want to, even when it's hard, but that everything is about love.