Contact 6: Contact 6 nets viewers over $243K in 2012

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MILWAUKEE -- From confrontations to getting cash for hard-working consumers, FOX6's Contact 6 has done it all in 2012! However, Contact 6 has one more cash back surprise before calling it a year, and it's a big one!

2012 was a banner year for FOX6's Contact 6. Some of the biggest investigations involved the chaos inside the Instant Tax Service at 81st and Appleton, where Contact 6 found the business was secretly filing people's taxes without their permission -- and confrontations like that with Clean Environment -- a company that kept changing names. 

Contact 6's bread and butter is helping FOX6 viewers, from getting a little girl a new digital camera after the repair company stopped responding, to helping a family get a refund from a vacation club offering timeshares and suggesting they can't cancel their contract, to helping a single mom finally get the work check she's been waiting for.

Also -- helping a man fight a hospital for benefits he believed he was owed, and he was right! Contact 6 saved him $65,000 -- Contact 6's biggest single money-back total of the year, bringing the total cash back for 2012 to over $243,000!

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