Losing weight and getting fit is always a popular resolution for the New Year

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BROWN DEER -- Plenty of people were getting a jump start on their New Year's resolutions on New Year's Eve, and that meant the gym was packed! 

Adria Harris said she's sticking to her New Year's resolution this year and that's why she headed to the YMCA early Monday morning, December 31st.

"I plan on accomplishing that goal by coming to the gym more and eating more healthy. That`s the number one goal of mine," Harris said.

Health officials say getting into shape is a process that you have to take one step at a time.

"Really focus on your successes. We get really overwhelmed with the big picture, so if you look at where you started at Day One, and maybe it was walking around the track for five laps, look at where you are at day 10 or day 20," Personal Trainer Ginny Haupt said.

For some who already exercise on a regular basis, their goal is to keep improving their level of fitness.

"'It`s just getting a little bit bigger, stronger, faster, getting ready for the season next year," Lamar Johnson-Harris said.

"In the past, I would set a New Year`s resolution to stay in shape, but then I would just break it because I didn't have a routine. Now that I have a routine, it`s been much easier," Crystal Johnson said.

Meanwhile, John Ciciora is concerned about a different number than the one he sees on the scale.

"My New Year`s resolution is to be fiscally responsible, so my wife and I are going to do that by setting goals to set aside a little bit of our paycheck each month," Ciciora said.

On New Year's Day, the YMCA is hosting several events -- some starting as early as 8:30 a.m. CLICK HERE for additional information.