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Milw. Co. snow plow strikes Walgreens near 27th & Ryan Road

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MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee County snow plow struck the Walgreens near 27th and Ryan Road in Franklin early Monday morning, December 31st.

Official say the snow plow driver struck a guard rail just after 6 a.m. which caused him to momentarily lose control of the snow plow. As a result, the plow crossed several lanes of traffic and struck the Walgreens located at 9527 S. 27th Street.

Officials say the Walgreens building and a steel box in the parking lot sustained minor damage as a result of the incident.

Authorities say the snow plow driver was transported to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Police say the snow plow driver received a traffic citation from the Oak Creek Police Department for failure to keep vehicle under control.

Officials say no person inside the building sustained injuries as a result of the crash.