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Packers fans scramble to buy/sell tickets for Saturday’s playoff game

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MILWAUKEE -- The Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday, January 5th at Lambeau Field -- following a Vikings win over the Pack this past Sunday in Minnesota. Fans without playoff tickets are trying to get them, and some fans with tickets are trying to sell them.

The phones started ringing at Ticket King in Milwaukee shortly after the Packers lost to the Vikings 37-34 on Sunday.

"A rematch with the Vikings on a Saturday night, so there's a lot of demand for the game," Ticket King President John Lamoreaux said.

A win in Sunday's game would have given the Packers a first-round playoff bye, and that's what many Packers fans were expecting. However, with the loss to Minnesota, the scramble for sellers and buyers is in full swing with an overabundance of tickets out there.

"Most people expected this game to be on the 12th or on the bye week. There's no time to sell it, so all the sellers have to act at once, creating a large amount of inventory on the marketplace," Lamoreaux said.

With the large inventory of tickets comes good prices, so far. They're quoting $165 for an end zone seat, which is actually cheaper than a lot of regular season games. 

However, Lamoreaux says to expect the inventory to be eaten away pretty fast.

"I do have offices in the Twin Cities and I would say it's 10 to one sales from Packers fans to Vikings fans. There will be some purple in the crowd," Lamoreaux said.

Lamoreaux said those looking for tickets for cheap should act fast.

"The inventory will come down as the week progresses and as the buyers figure out what they want to do," Lamoreaux said.

There is a Ticket King office right across the street from Lambeau Field. It will be open Saturday with tickets available, but there's no way to know how long those tickets will last.

CLICK HERE for additional information via Ticket King's website.

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