Search warrants related to Sebena murder case unsealed

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Benjamin Sebena

Benjamin Sebena

MILWAUKEE -- The case is being built against Benjamin Sebena, the man charged with killing his wife Jennifer, a Wauwatosa police officer. Now, FOX6 News gets a look at new documents and video that places the suspect near the scene of the crime.

Three separate search warrants recently unsealed have information on what kind of guns Benjamin Sebena had at his home. The documents also indicate what books he was reading prior to the murder of Jennifer.

Search warrants confirm that Jennifer Sebena was found dead on her police shift at 4:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve. At 6:51 a.m., her husband Benjamin voluntarily came to the Wauwatosa Police Department. During an interview with detectives, he stated, "She was helping me, she was always helping me. How could I do that?"

Surveillance video obtained by FOX6 News shows what the search warrant says is Benjamin Sebena's 2012 Toyota Prius. It is seen travelling east on Appleton Ave. around 1:30 a.m. At 3:45 a.m., the Prius was videotaped near Highway 100 and Burleigh in Wauwatosa. Sebena told detectives he bought the Toyota Prius to force himself to drive slower as he suffered from the effects of PTSD.

The search warrant also says Benjamin Sebena gave written consent for a search of his home and car. During the home search, the warrant says one bedroom had a dried-blood splatter along the wall. A shower curtain had recently been replaced. Three handguns were found; two shotguns and an AR-15. In the basement, officials found rounds of ammunition like one casing found at the crime scene. Investigators also took five computers from the home.

Investigators also noted a book by Dave Grossman, known for his books about the psychology of killing. The search warrant says the morning of the killing, Sebena stated he played video games, worked out, took a shower and read two books -- one with a title similar to "Psychology of Police Officers."

The search warrant says not only guns and ammunition were seized. But so were drain traps, piping and the contents of drains in the Sebena home as investigators continue looking for evidence.

The search warrant also says Jennifer and Benjamin Sebena went shooting together as recently as four months ago.

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