Sheriff’s Office to announce first OWI offender of New Year

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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is expected to announce the first drunken driver of the New Year. 

In a news release, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said: :”The race to announce the first baby is something many hospitals share enthusiasm for every New Year.  They don’t look forward to treating people injured in OWI-related crashes.  Repeat drunk drivers face penalties of up to $10,000 and up to 10 years in prison.  Deputies aim to remove this threat from our freeway system.” 

Sheriff’s deputies will arrest OWI multiple-offenders and they will be booked into the County Correctional Facility.

The OWI tally for 2012 reached 967 arrests. 

The first offender for the 2013 New Year will be announced in a news release for “starting off the New Year on the wrong side of the law,” according to the Sheriff’s Office.