Badgers fan victorious in Rose Bowl tailgate contest

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PASADENA — Though the Wisconsin Badgers lost the Rose Bowl to Stanford, the Badgers prevailed in the Bounty Select-a-Size Tastiest Tailgate Showdown held during the Rose Bowl Game!

The tailgate, hosted by Travel Channel’s Adam Richman of Man vs. Food fame, was an effort to identify the “Tastiest Tailgate Mess” at the 2013 Rose Bowl Game. 

Just before kickoff on Tuesday, January 1st, Badgers fan Chao Qi and his tailgate dish of brats and cheese curds went grill-to-grill against Cardinals fan Nancy Valenzuela’s carne asada tacos with salsa and guacamole. 

Chao’s brats and cheese curds were crowed the “Tastiest Tailgate Mess” by Richman and a panel of judges. 

Chao was awarded a year’s supply of Bounty Select-a-Size and a moment of glory!

“Between the chili, nachos and hotdogs – The Rose Bowl Game is undoubtedly the messiest stop on our Select-A-Size tour. I’m glad to be in Pasadena showing football fans how they can get so much more out of one single sheet of Bounty Select-A-Size at their tailgate and in their home,” Richman said.