City of Green Bay gearing up for big NFC Wild Card playoff game

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GREEN BAY -- A Green Bay Packers post-season doesn't just mean bragging rights for Packers fans. Even if there is a Packers loss, the city of Green Bay wins!

Fans and staff at Champion's in Green Bay are welcoming visitors headed into town for Saturday's Packers vs. Vikings game at Lambeau Field with open arms.

"We're not upset to bring Minnesota back here. You're open and you're busy until close because everyone is in the area -- even people who aren't going to the game. They want to be part of the atmosphere,"

This week is the Wild Card playoff game -- after a Packers loss to the Vikings last week.

For the city of Green Bay, Mayor Jim Schmitt says it means a big pay day for virtually every Green Bay business.

"This would've otherwise been kind of a quieter weekend and Green Bay in January. They all benefit from this playoff game. We're going to have to hear the tune of $10 million or $11 million," Schmitt said.

Restaurants, bars and especially hotels are gearing up for a big weekend.

Craig Bleier with the Cambria Suites says opposing fans from within the NFC North tend to travel in larger packs given the distance.

'We were about three quarters full (Wednesday) and now we should have her filled up by the end of the day (Thursday). It's easier to get people to stay longer when they're (as close as Minnesota). I know people are starting to celebrate in terms of just festive celebration," Bleier said.

A pep rally is planned for downtown Green Bay on Friday night, January 4th. Kickoff from Lambeau Field is set for 7:00 p.m. Saturday, January 5th.