Police investigate double shooting on Milwaukee’s south side

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man is in intensive care after being a victim in a double shooting early Saturday morning at Third and National. Family members said he is a bar owner who was trying to do a good deed when he was caught in the middle.

Residents awoke to gunfire around 1a.m Saturday morning.  Remnants of a violent shooting lay outside The Red Arrow. Mark Roszina said his brother-in-law, who owns the bar was shot while trying to help someone in need. He claims a patron left to get something to eat and when she came back, the chaos began.  

“The girl came back in the bar and was yelling ‘someone help me’  that's when her boyfriend got shot in the arm first and he came out and got shot twice by a young kid. My brother-in-law was behind the bar and he came around to see what was going on and went outside. When he went outside he got shot. My brother-in-law got shot in the chest and pelvic area,” added Roszina.

He said the shooter was among a group of about five people.

“It was a young kid. They said he had a small silver handgun. One of the people in the bar was standing right next to him when he pulled it out," Roszina said.

He said the suspect ran away after the gunfire.

Saturday morning Roszina was looking for his own clues and hoping nearby surveillance caught the crime on camera. Neighbors said the bar recently opened and the shooting was shocking.

“It’s a calm area actually, no real crimes,” added Michael Sanchez.

Roszina said this crime was random and is just thankful his brother-in-law is still alive. Both victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. Officials are still investigating this case. So far, no arrests have been made.