Tailgating a tradition for many Packers fans

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GREEN BAY---The party started early for many Packers fans Saturday, including Kirk Stallsmith who was setting up with his group 4 hours before the Packers-Vikings kick off.

“We’ve had tailgates 3 vehicles wide," Stallsmith said. "We’ve had anywhere from 100 people. Normally it’s 25-30.”

Laurie Holl is part of Stallsmith's tailgating group that today included about 30 people.

“I mean we started planning right after the game on Sunday,” Holl said.

For her she says the excitement is about the planning, which includes getting her husband to load up the car. But it's also about being prepared.

"Making sure I have enough food to feed everybody and getting everything loaded," said Holl. "Getting my husband to get everything loaded."

Once the planning is complete, there's plenty of setting up to do at the field. 

Stallsmith said that includes things like setting up the tent and wind breaks.

Or setting up the food and tables. But for Stallsmith, there's one more, arguably more important task.

"I'd have to say at least the beer for one," said Stallsmith. "But as we have gotten older probably the heaters."

But it isn't just the food or the beer that brings this group together.

They say it's not just a hobby... but also an important tradition.

"I was fortunate enough I married into tickets and we had an agreement if something happened she kept the kids, I kept the tickets," said Stallsmith. "And low and behold, we're still together."