The Saturday compromise: Packers scheduling conflicts

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WHITEFISH BAY -- There was a Packers game Saturday night, but what if you had a scheduling conflict, and couldn't watch the game? For some people, Saturday night was known as the "Saturday compromise."

"Watch the kids sing see the energy and the music and it's just a great night," said Katie Commer, the chairwoman of Whitefish Bay High School's annual "January Pops" chorus event.

"We've been working on this event for months, we've been planning it for months there's a lot of people involved there are a lot of kids involved."

But there was a problem when the Packers lost in Minnesota during week 17 of the NFL regular season.

The annual concert was scheduled for 7:00 p.m. It was the same time as the concert.

"I started crying at home with my family and they were completely laughing at me," said Commer. "We've got to change it nobody is going to come."

So Commer and her co-chairwoman Monica Misey bumped up the starting time to 5:00 p.m. to make sure everybody who attended could see the Packers game.

"In fact a lot of people saying thank you very much for moving it," said Misey.

It was a compromise made, and a crisis averted. But at Sprecher Brewery in Glendale, a wedding was scheduled for the same time as kickoff.

"Really we're all here for Misty and Andy so it's family first," said Matthew Tobin, regarding the wedding between his cousin Andy Weins and Misty Mitchell.

But before the bride and groom arrived to Sprecher, wedding guests were glued to the television set watching the Packers play the Vikings.

It was Tobin who negotiated the game to be played before the new Mr and Mrs. Andy Weins arrived. However, once they entered, it was game over, and the television set was turned off.

"We can give up a few minutes of football to celebrate their special day," said Tobin.