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Volunteers hold ‘day of action’ to help find killer

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MILWAUKEE -- From elected officials to volunteers simply moved by her story, many say the death of Dayana Garcia has affected them -- even though they never knew the slain 24-year-old mother.

"I think just the severity of the crime, the heinousness, Dayana was attacked in her family's backyard, in front of her grandmother while her son was asleep in the house," said Peggy Romo West, a Milwaukee County Board Supervisor.

Romo West joined a handful of others who made calls and posted fliers throughout the state Saturday.

Garcia was killed Jan. 3, 2012. Authorities say the killer is her estranged husband, Jose Luis Discua-Bados.

The criminal complaint states Discua-Bados beat Garcia before stabbing her approximately 12 times.

Since the slaying, investigators received tips saying Discua-Bados was in three different places.

Those were Tulsa, Oklahoma, his native Honduras, and El Salvador. There was also a rumor that Discua-Bados died in Mexico.

But with no confirmation, there is no closure for Garcia's family and friends.

Saturday, they called police departments in states where Discua-Bados has relatives.

They say they're hoping to fax or e-mail those authorities with a 'Wanted' poster that could be placed at the various police stations.

"It's going good," said volunteer Michael Freytes,  "I've been getting a hold of a lot of them so far, just letting them know what's going on."

The group also sent a package of information to the producers of "America's Most Wanted."

Since Discua-Bados has connections to several states, they're hoping the show will feature the case.