Contact 6: Importance of checking monthly bank statements

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MILWAUKEE -- According to FOX6's Contact 6, those who don't read their bank statements every month are vulnerable to bank fraud.

Money made a bank employee turn bad. 

"She had access to customers' personal information. She would identify the folks who had larger account balances -- above $80,000 and sell them," U.S. Postal Inspector Dave Anderchak said.

This bank employee would sell the account information to the suspect in this scheme, who would then call the bank and change the account address to an abandoned home.

"He would then obtain the check and debit cards and cash the checks at area retailers for merchandise," Anderchak said.

Postal inspectors started staking out these abandoned homes to see who was picking up the mail.

"We caught up with the suspect via surveillance tapes," Anderchak said.

15 victims lost more than $120,000. 

"In a case like this with a dishonest employee, we are all vulnerable. But you can prevent this by checking your bank statement and balance," Anderchak said.

Postal inspectors want to stress how important it is to check bank statements regularly and report any suspicious to the bank immediately.

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